Elective and Required Elective Modules for Master Studies

The Chair of Architectural Informatics offers one Design Project, the Computational Design Mentorship as well as a range of modules for students in the Master's programme in Architecture.

A total of 42 ECTS must be taken in the Master's programme from the elective module catalogue. The courses offered depend on the semester.

If a module is not taken as an required elective module, it can be taken as an elective module.

Architangibles | 6 ECTS
Elective Module - Block Course | Room 4170C

Digital Photography | 3 ECTS
Elective Module - Block Course | Room 4170C

Building Information Modeling | 6 ECTS
Elective Module - Fridays 11:30 | Room 4170C / Room 3203 (CMS)

Performance Based Design | 6 ECTS
Elective Module - Thursdays 09:45 | Room 4170C

Interactive Visualisation | 6 ECTS
Elective Module - Mondays 13:15 | Room 4170C

The Beta State | 6 ECTS
Elective Module- Thursdays 13:15 | Room 4170 B