Digital Formfinding Reexamination

Obligatory Module in Winter Semester 2019/20 | 6 ECTS 
Reexamination in Summer Semester 2020
Date: 13th of August 10:00 - 11:30
Room: Seminarraum (4170C)

Attention: Dates and examination modalities will be adapted to the current situation if necessary.

The lectures for the compulsory module "Digital Formfinding" are offered exclusively in the winter semester. It consists of one lecture and three exercises. (together 6 ECTS)

Lecture Digital Formfinding

The lecture is understood as a basic lecture. The course deals with the process of architectural design and planning supported by the use of digital tools. The lecture provides essential theoretical basic knowledge and knowledge for the computer-aided design and planning process. On the basis of commercially available and tending software and hardware systems and interfaces a practical reference will be established. Due to the rapid changes in the job description and in IT as well as the increasing complexity, well-founded theoretical knowledge, working methods and working methods are fundamental so that future architects are prepared to master the rapid changes also in the future.

The lecture focuses on the current development in the field of architecture informatics, e.g. principles of modelling, animation and image processing, basics of semantic building models, hardware and software interfaces, design supporting tools (form finding and simulation), rapid prototyping.

The current lectures can be downloaded from moodle. Literature recommendation as PDF for download.


The theoretical basics taught in the lecture will be deepened in a seminar-like form. On the basis of three architectural tasks, the practical handling of building modelling, techniques of computer-aided model creation up to the transfer of analog sketches and models into the digital and their presentation are treated.


The final grade consists of the individual scores of the three exercises and the double scored grade of the exam.

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