EarlyBIM 2 to be funded by DFG

The project EarlyBIM 2: Data-driven evaluation of design variants is funded by the DFG. This project is one of the 5 subprojects of the research group Evaluation of Building Design Variants in Early Design Phases Based on Adaptive Detailing Strategies (FOR 2363).

EarlyBIM 2 aims at enabling designers to evaluate variants based on references and the use of (partial) aspects for further design development. Furthermore, EarlyBIM 2 aims to facilitate the evaluation of potential and performance in the branches of the design tree (design graph) based on similar references. Thus, qualitative decisions in the evaluation and selection of variants in the design process can be documented.

This project is carried out in cooperation with the following partners:

  • Institute for Computation in Engineering, Ruhr-Universität Bochum
  • Chair of Computational Modeling and Simulation, TU Munich
  • Centre for Sustainable Building, TU Munich
  • Institut für Massivbau Universität Duisburg-Essen
  • Department of Digital Architecture and Sustainability, Institute of Architecture, TU Berlin

Further information about the EarlyBIM 2 project:

Link zu EarlyBIM Projektseite

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