Digital Design Lab

The Digital Design Lab of the Chair of Architecture Informatics is a digital workshop to explore computer-generated forms in the architectural context. To experiment with computer models there are a wide range of digital  tools available for researchers and students of the Faculty of Architecture. In addition to intuitive input devices for modeling, there are laser cutters, 3-D Printers and 3-axis CNC milling machines  for rapid prototyping. The Digital Design Lab is a part of the closed digital-chain that supports the architectural design process from concept to 1:1 prototype. For presentation purposes, there is a virtual reality solution for stereoscopic display of data models in real time.

Objectives of the Digital Design Lab are:

  • The synergetic use of highly specialized digital tools for 3-D modeling.
  • The development of a form-based architectural language through computerized design and manufacturing.
  • Simulation and optimization of buildings in the design process.
  • Exploration of complex structures.

Working times and introductory courses

The CNC machines are available to students and staff of the Faculty of Architecture at the TU München 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Participation in an introductory course is required.

The use of reverse engineering and rapid  Prototypers is possible only after registration and briefing by our trained staff.

The Digital Design Lab is a part of the Technical Centre of the Faculty of Architecture. We are located in the main building of the TU in the basement.


Website of the DDL