Mission statement

Architectural design (Entwerfen) is the core of the Department and the exploration of complex aesthetic and spatial solutions its primary objective. The academic discipline of architecture involves skills from different backgrounds including engineering, humanities and social sciences, each of which flows into architectural teaching and research at all levels. Design (Entwerfen) forms a strong intellectual culture. Within this culture the ability to synthesize is a key competence – a unique skill that is much needed in society to solve the pressing issues of the future.

This integrated approach is what TUM Architecture offers at many levels. The common theme of the Department, which also encompasses landscape and urban architecture, cultural tradition and technology, is the exploration of context in the placing of objects and ideas in real time and place.

The TUM is an integral part of the city of Munich, a cosmopolitan and cultural hub in the heart of Europe, and has close links to cultural and commercial activities and production. The Department combines these with links to universities and institutions worldwide. This creates increased awareness and sensitivity towards the global challenges of an urbanized world as well as towards the value of our cultural and natural environment. It also provides the background and motivation for research activities.

A common instrument throughout the Department is the design project and the common educational environment is the studio, a venue in which students, experts and teachers come together to exchange experience and make things. The studio is where the project is made manifest.


The Department gives young architects the broad expertise to enable them to develop future strategies for the spatial and material evolution of society. We engage positively with the ongoing challenges of globalization, individualization, cultural transformations and climate change.

Our vision is to play a crucial role in the global efforts to incorporate design strategies into research to deliver resilient solutions to systemic challenges. Research by Design will be developed as a special expertise.

Anchored in the bavarian context, the Department will hold a leading position in the field of European architecture schools in terms of research and design competence.

We move forward with powerful commitment to establishing a vital balance between technology and design, between study and research, between the past and the present and between usefulness and delight.