Operation Theatre

Ngaoubela, Cameroon 2012

Ngaoubela lies in the central region of Adamoua, where the hospital provides care for patients within a radius of 250 kilometers. In order to continue to offer medical care, a new Operating Room building was urgently needed.

The structure joins the existing ensemble of the hospital, taking its place in the second courtyard. The building was so conceived that the requirements of the Operating Room were met whilst facilitating other room uses should this become necessary in the future. The structure operates with a multifunctional central access zone which can be used for preparation and recovery at the same time.

project facts

number of students


design period:

10 month
construction period:2 weeks
client:Hôpital Ngoaubela
collaboration:Entwicklungspartnerschaft für Kamerun

Julia Graeff, Michael Mayer, Phillip Weibhauser, Magdalena Pfeffer,

Doria Bornheimer, Karina Knüchtel, Stephanie Tröndlin-Ehrler

project supervisors:Stefan Krötsch, Matthias Kestel

Two ventilators represent the only building technology used, removing used air from the Operating Room. An optimal temperature (10°C below ambient outdoor temperature) as well as optimal air quality are achieved soley through passive construction measures.