Teacher housing

Ithuba, South Africa 2008

On the southermost edge of Johannesburg, the Ithuba Skills College offers the children of the very poor neighbouring Townships the opportunity of a developing apprenticeship, which, on top of the usual school topics, offers the underlying and fundamental skills of a trade.

The school project was founded as a private initiative and developed itself with the support and involvement of european universities who, in part together with the schoolchildren, designed and built the school buildings and open air facilities.

project facts

number of students


design period:

3 month
construction period:8 weeks
client:Ithuba College
collaboration:Bauen für Orangefarm e.V.
project supervisors:Markus Dobmeier

The building manages the changing occupancy and diverse uses in a flexible manner. Closed courtyards generate several entrances to the individual living spaces and offer a necessary barrier to the school campus.