Khanyisani Preschool

Johannesburg, South Africa 2007

The district of Drie Ziek in the Orange Farm Township, some 40 kilometers outside Johannesburg, is one of the the fast growing informal settlements in the Metropol‘s immediate vicinity. The exclusively black residents live there in the simplest of housing with inadequate infrastructure and very few social institutions.

A Kindergarten for 60 children was realised in a dilapidated barracks within this atmosphere for an existing Kindergarten initiative.

project facts

number of students


design period:

10 month
construction period:8 weeks
client:Khanyisani Preschool
collaboration:Chair of Landscape Architecture and Public Space
project supervisors:Markus Dobmeier, Susanne Gampfer

The masonary construction with blocks produced by the local community from a waste product - slag, mixed with cement provides flexible and generous spaces and the roofed outer structures react in an exceptional way to the climatic conditions.