realstudio 19 _ Munich

20. July 2019

From now on you can apply for the upcoming DesignBuild project. The project is a collaboration of Entwerfen&Konstruieren, Entwerfen | Holzbau and the Architekturmuseum. The task will be to design a temporary building (usage period minimum 5 years) as an extension of the Pinakothek der Moderne for mediation of architecture and art as well as a small exhibition space. Further information you´ll find here (in german).



realstudio 18 _ Sierra Leone

19. February 2018

From now on until 02. April 2018 you can apply for the upcoming DesignBuild project. The task will be to design a Senior Secondary School for the remote village Pepel in the Loko Massama chiefdom of Sierra Leone. Further information you will find here (german)



Grünspitz Giesing

21. November 2017

The temporary pavillon and kiosk becomes more and more visible after a the last month of participation and building process. The project will be finished by the end of this month and handed over to the future user.



MAP November issue

01.November 2017

In the November issue of the monthly Architecture event guide for Munich you can find an Interview about the DesignBuild project in Sri Lanka. You can read it here



Next DesignBuild project in summer term 2018

07.September 2017

Our next DesignBuild course will start in April 2018. The call for application will go out by the end of February 2018. There will be no DesignBuild course in the winter term 2017 / 2018.



Building Site: Orphanage Rakwana

01. August 2017 - 22. September 2017

Since the beginning of August a group of 20 students is building the most recent DesignBuild project in Sri Lanka. The Orphanage will be open by the beginning of October and offers space for 24 Tamil boys from then on. The Orphanage will be run by the buddhistic Sri Bodhijara Foundation. You can follow up the latest updates from the site on the student made tumblr



Baunetzwoche #490

18. May 2017

In the most recent issue of the german weekly online newspaper "Baunetzwoche" the Cameroon project, including the operation theatre and the last year´s follow up got published accompanying an interview with Ursula Hartig (HM München), Nina Pawlicki (TU Berlin) and Peter Fattinger (TU Wien) about the importance of DesignBuild as a building method. Read the full issue here



DAM Preis 2018

01. May 2017

The new Operation Theatre in Cameroon got nominated for the long list of the DAM Award 2018. We are very happy and hope to get along. 


And the Winner of real studio Sri Lanka is...

22. February 2017

On February 9th the final presenation of the real studio "Orphanage Rakwana" took place. We were glad to had Anna Heringer joining the jury as well, so after a two our discussion the winner was announced to be the circular project from Anna Gehringer, Tobias Grund, Omar Mekati, Sarah Seitz und Franz Siebler.



Design Build + participation multipurpose building for Grünspitz Giesing

17. Oktober 2016

In the Winterterm 16/17 we will offer a seminar to create a design for a small building which will be build in the Summerterm 17 at the Grünspitz in Giesing. The project is going to be designed in participation with citizens and later users of the space.

More information: Introduction - 20.10.2016 - room 4166 - 14 h


Upcoming Design Build Project in Sri Lanka: Apply now

15. August 2016

In the upcoming Winterterm 16/17 we will offer the participation on the next Design Build Project. The project will take place in the southern part of Sri Lanka. It will be an orphanage for a buddhist monastery.

All further informations you will find here (german)


Next Step Ngaoubela: On going building site in Cameroon

01. August 2016

On July 28th the first group of students traveled to Ngaoubela to set up the building sites for the reconstruction of the intensive care unit and the relative housing in the rural cameroonian hospital.

Here you can follow the progress of the project on almost daily basis.


Exhibition: The Ngoaubela Operation Theatre is displayed in the BDA Office in Munich

01. June 2016

In February the project Operation Theatre for a rural hospital in Cameroon won the so called "BDA Preis Bayern 2016 - Nachwuchspreis" which is the offspring award of the BDA Bavaria.

Now we are happy to be able to present the project as part of the award for one month in the display window of the BDA office Munich in Türkenstraße facing Brandhorst museum.


TUM Design Build at "Hands on" Vienna

24. May 2016

We are glad to be part of the exhibition "Hands On: Design Build Symposium" from 1. - 3. June 2016.  The Symposium is organized by the Design Build platform


Venice Architecture Biennale opening with MUD WORKS of Anna Heringer and Martin Rauch

31. May 2016

From now on until the November 27th you are able to visit the MUD WORKS contribution in the main pavillon of the recent Architecture Biennale with the topic "Reporting from the front". Anna Heringer and Martin Rauch have been invited by Alejandro Aravena to do mud works, the real studio Ngaoubela students Hanna Albrecht, Lotta Ewert, Sophie Kotter, Leonie Morano and Jonas Pauli joined in March for a mud building workshop and mounting the exhibition entry.

Read also the Interview with Anna Heringer in the June issue of MAP


Biennale Venezia set-up

05. April 2016

Part of the students who are working on the current DesignBuild course for relatives housing in Cameroon joined Anna Heringer and Martin Rauch for their Biennale set-up to learn about constructing with clay.


Operation Theatre in Ngaoubela wins "BDA Nachwuchspreis"

24. Februar 2016