Community Design Lab ‘Have we met?’ Designing Social Hubs for Urban Nomads

Report & Evaluation / Multiplier Event

Digitally networked, locally at home. What role does community play in times when borders blur, when we communicate via networks and platforms, when we live and work on a project basis? A pop-up model between open house and open sour- ce, non-binding and binding – depending on the stage of life? A further development of the sharing economy and creative commons? In the fourth activity of design workshops, set up as multiplier event, the topic of future urban communities was emphasised.

Together with experts from practice, insight talks and experien- ced facilitators the participants developed in a 2.5-day-work- shop on spatial, technological and social innovations to transform a temporary community into a community of change agents, visionaries and entrepreneurs. The ideas of a new co- living model in Munich for urban spaces was supported by the BauHow5 alliance, the start-up and entrepreneurial incubator UnternehmerTUM, the company MINI Living and the internatio- nal architecture magazine Detail.

The process followed a less structured agenda than the design thinking lab or the design sprint and considered learnings from the previous workshops. The 24 participants were assigned to prior de ned teams.

47% female / 53% male
100 % master degree
80 % TUM student / 20% incomings

The teams were facilitated throughout the 2.5 days by a resear- cher of the BauHow5 Alliance or a representative of Unterneh- merTUM and Detail magazine:

Day 1 // Context & Challenge Day 2 // Ideation & Concept Day 3 // Prototype & Pitch

After the nal pitches, the teams were given additional time to iterate their work, integrate comments and submit their results as documentation. 1 team dropped out on the second day of the workshop, 4 out of 5 remaining teams nalised their work: 2 teams only as individuals, two teams by two participants. In total only 6 of the 24 participants handed in documentation.

Report & Evaluation / Multiplier Event: Community Design Lab ‘Have we met?’ Designing Social Hubs for Urban Nomads
Editors: Christos Chantzaras, Martin Luce, Yolande Schneider
Publisher: Technische Universität München, Fakultät für Architektur
ISBN: 978-3-948278-17-5