Benefits for the Industry

Creative exchange, inspiration and new fields for research a sparked by chance encounters and crossing industries. ARI brings together the partners and stakeholder from diverse backgrounds, related to the built environment.

ARI offers insights on the latest research and developments in the built environment ranging from new ways of construction to bigdata analysis for urban areas.


Design Workshops, Design Sprints, Hack- and Makeathons. To develop research questions and raise awareness for current and future challenges in a limited amount of time with workshops from 1 to 5 days.

Questions from architectural practice, creative industries, consulting, project development, public institutions are played back to university. ARI seeks & supports new research fields for the future.

Architectural thinking focuses on the creation of new meaning. ARI mentors start-ups and new business models in the Built Environment with a focus on being radical rather incremental. Innovation is a matter of holistic design.

Learning, Un-learning, Re-learning Paths. Together with the industry partners ARI develops strategies to connect existing knowledge in practice with new approaches and research.