XII International Architecture Biennale of São Paulo


The International Architecture Biennale is happening in Sao Paulo from September 10 to December 09.
TUM Professors Kathrin Dörfler, Benedikt Boucsein, Ferdinand Ludwig are taking part in the core exhibition "Architectures of Everyday", as well as Daniel Talesnic, Research Associate at the Chair of History of Architecture and Curatorial Practice and Curator for the current exhibtion "Access For All - São Paulo's Architectural Infractures" at the Architekturmuseum. There will also be a book launch of the catalogue of the Munich exhibition as part of the official launching program of the biennale.

"Everyday", the curatorial proposal for the XII International Architecture Biennale of São Paulo, addresses the everyday as an opportune framework for investigating how architecture might advance as a specialized practice of environment making in the 21st century. The São Paulo Biennale constitutes, from such a vantage point, an ideal venue as the everyday there is an agent able to both impact and empower architecture, for better or worse.
"Everyday" is structured according to three themes: Everyday Stories, Everyday Resources, and Everyday Maintenance. Each showcases pertinent architectural and urban projects, research, speculative works and installations, as well as other spatial interventions that relate to the contemporary dynamics of the everyday realm.
(Source:Accion Cultural Espanola)

Detailed program: http://bienaldearquitetura.org.br/eng/