Workshop: Asli Serbest & Mona Mahall – "The Grand Domestic Revolution... Goes On?"

20.12.19, 12h

The house Alice built

Open workshop with Asli Serbest and Mona Mahall this Friday, December 20, 2019 from 12:00am to 3:00pm in the frame of the Bachelor seminar “The Grand Domestic Revolution… Goes On?” at the Chair of Theory and History of Architecture, Art and Design.

Serbest and Mahall started their collective work in 2007 (see Their projects include exhibitions, installations, stage and set designs, as well as video-texts, concepts, and publications, all of them showing enthusiasm for strange online and offline spaces, anti- and rational modes of work, and fragmentary forms. Serbest is a professor for Temporary Spaces at the University of the Arts Bremen and Mona Mahall is a professor of Architecture and Art at the HCU Hamburg.

In The house Alice built  (2018) Asli Serbest and Mona Mahall explored utopian projects that, informed by feminist theories and practices, have reimagined modern (domestic) space. They collected and developed speculations on houses and scenes that subtract from a given set of rooms, actors, and functions, without destroying them completely: these speculations remove the kitchen from the apartment, Romeo from Romeo and Juliet, the state from democracy.
Following a method of subtraction (n-1), they eliminated elements that separate social spheres.
The n-1 drafts formulate not Modernist major projects but concepts of minor operations that however allow for new spatial connections and relations.
In that they provide the ground on which we might evolve more open social, political, and aesthetic forms of living together.

20.12.19, 12-13h

TUM Department of Architecture
Chair of Theory and History of Architecture, Art and Design
Gabelsbergerstr. 49
4th floor, library