Visiting Lectureship for Charlotte Lao Schmidt

The Departmemt of Architecture welcomes Charlotte Lao Schmidt as visiting lecturerer for the winter term 2021/22. Lao Schmidt works as a spatial designer and is currently based on Bohol, the Philippines. She will be teaching the Bachelor project "A Beginner's Mind - Collaborative Spatial Practices on the Fringe" at the Professorship of Urban Design.

"Soft Spot" —a self-initiated project in Bohol, Philippines by Charlotte Lao Schmidt, Jamie Acilo Acido, Sudarshan V. Khadka, Sebastian Latz, Bianca Thelmo.

In 2010, Lao Schmidt graduated, with distinction, as a Diploma Eng. Architect with specialisation in urban design from the Technical University Braunschweig. In the fields of architecture and urban design, she has since been, a collaborator with 51N4E in Brussels (2011-2019), working on a diverse set of projects on multiple scales across Europe. After moving to the Philippines she has formed SOFT SPOT (2019), a collaborative space and practice on the fringe, hosting and building a cross-cultural and trans-disciplinary creative community through research, projects and experiences.

As a Scenographer she has contributed to the design of exhibitions on cultural and spatial themes, such as for IABR 2016 "The Next Economy" in Rotterdam, "A good City has Industry" at Bozar in Brussels, IABR 2018 ‚You are here’ at WTC in Brussels, "Urban Factory Today" at Bozar in Brussels, and MOOI Festival 2018 at De Studio in Antwerp.

As a Co-editor she received the DAM German Book Award for the Architectural Publications "Chapter 1: Skander¬beg Square, Tirana", published by Ruby Press.

Furthermore, Lao Schmidt has taught several years at different chairs of the architectural faculty at Technical University Braunschweig and has been invited as critic and tutor in design workshops and studios at several educational institutions, such as Porto Academy, Porto, Habitat Unit, TU Berlin, UGhent and Sint Lucas, Brussels, Universidad Austral de Chile, Valdivia and Santiago de Chile.

During this winter term she will teach the Bachelor project "A Beginner's Mind - Collaborative Spatial Practices on the Fringe" at our Professorship of Urban Design. The studio will focus on the question of how the participants envision their ideal practice. It will flow along three main exercises: reflecting about practice, working on the fringe and making a pitch. Each of these are learning environments in their own right, offering different lessons and to be learned, requiring different set of skills, but all connected through the same attitude.