UD Coffee Talks #4: Meike Schalk – Welfare housing as commons?

15.01.2020, 12h

UD Coffee Talks are a series of brown bag talks hosted by the Professorship of Urban Design. The aim of the sessions is to bring in and open up a 'fun' and 'enjoyable' sharing and discussion ground, around the Professorship's diverse coffee options.  
It begins with a motto: "Coffee and cookies are on us, bring your lunch, and enjoy!“ 

The fourth talk in the series is by Sto-Foundation Visiting Professor Meike Schalk with the title: 'Welfare housing as commons?'

Economic restructuring and the introduction of new public management since the 1990s has had a large impact on the transformation of welfare housing and the practice of architecture in many Western countries. This talk follows two cases, the Swedish and the Viennese welfare models, by the examples of historical and present common rooms (Gemeinschaftsräume) to explore their roles in this shift. The material is based on ethnographic field studies from summer 2017 of the newly built common rooms in the Nordbahnviertel (the Northern Railway District) in Vienna. Guided home tours led by residents and interviews with representatives of the Nordbahn district management and non-profit housing developers served as point of departure for a Forum Theatre piece treating "the common" as a present conflict area between bureaucracy and community action (2019).

Meike Schalk is Associate Professor in Urban Design and Urban Theory, KTH School of Architecture, Stockholm; author of Caring for Communities: From Collective to Common Rooms (2019).

15.01.2020, 12-13h

Room 3350
Professorship of Urban Design
TUM Department of Architecture 
Arcisstr. 21 
80333 München