Renzo Piano World Tour Award for TUM Alumni

Architect and TUM Alumni Lukas Kaufmann is one of this year's Renzo Piano World Tour Award winners. The award, covered through a grant by the six Foundations, consists of a 40-day journey around the globe to visit, discover, and study some of the most important architecture and construction.

Fondation Beyeler. Picture © Lukas Kaufmann

Together with the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, the Fundación Botín, the Vitra Design Foundation, Selvaag Gruppen and Taschen Publication, and with the support of ProViaggiArchitettura, Habitat 2020 e ProfessioneArchitetto, the Renzo Piano Foundation has established an annual award  since 2017 for the best thesis focused on the “Art of Construction: the importance of structural details”.

Six award winners are selected, each one from the National Technical University of Athens, Polytechnic University of Valencia and University of Padua, Technical University of Munich, School of Architecture of Siracusa and Oslo School of Architecture and Design.
Dr. Philipp Lionel Molter from the Professorship of Architectural Design and Building Envelope is coordinating the RPWT application procedere at the TUM Departement of Architecture. This year's winner Lukas Kaufmann studied architecture in Munich and Valencia, completed his Master in 2017 and is currently working in Berlin. 

In the moment, all winners are on tour in two groups of 3. They started in Paris, and will end up together in NYC, Entebbe and Genoa. The participating students and alumni are documenting the tour, the buildings and their experiences by submitting a sketchbook and managing a Facebook and Instagram account.