Protective Shelter Prototype shortlisted at Plan Award 2020

The prototype of Protective Shelter designed by research associate Dr. Roberta Fonti and Prof. em. Erwin Emmerling at the TUM Chair of Restoration, Art Technology and Conservation Science was shortlisted as one of the finalist projects for the The Plan Award 2020 in the section "Special Projects - exhibitions, temporary structures research and innovative projects".

Exposition windows or protective shelters? © Roberta Fonti

Protective shelters for archeological remains represent an important preventive measure which is commonly used to preserve monuments. 

Particularly, this novel typology of shelter was conceived for preserving remains, along with their historic outlines of the soil - both the topography from antiquity, and the original excavation landscape - by designing reversible foundations upon the ground. Reversibility is a crucial requirement in the design of protective measures. This is aiming at anticipating a need for a change in the cultural conventions of aesthetic understanding

The prototype of shelter was designed within the framework of the international Pompeii Sustainable Preservation Project (PSPP) and generously funded by the cultural organisation Phoenix Pompeji e.V in Munich. 

Roberta Fonti's prototype was installed in the World heritage site of Pompeii to preserve the Tomb of Lolli at Via Nucerina within the Necropolis of Porta Nocera. 

The project has been pubilshed under the name "Protective shelters or exhibition windows? Staging antiquities for future" as one of the finalist for The Plan Award 2020, which annually honors projects in the fields of architecture, design and urban planning.