Parity Jour Fixe No. 17

28.10.2021, 17h

The next Parity Jour Fixe of the Department of Architecture will take place on October 28, 2021. Students and staff of the entire TUM School of Engineering and Design are cordially invited to join the discussion!

Topic: Diversifying science and engineering curriculum

On occasion of the start of the TUM School of Engineering and Design, participants of the Princeton Community of Practice Fellowship will give a keynote on the topic of diversifying curricula in an interdisciplinary approach. ETH Stefana Parascho and Sami Kahn J.D., Ph.D. are part of the research team at Princeton University investigating faculty and student engagement in critical discussion and practical application as a novel approach to science and engineering teaching content.

Key Note by: Working Group Princeton ETH Stefana Parascho & Sami Kahn J.D., Ph.D.

28.10.2021, 17h  

Online: Zoom-Link
PW: 791523

The online PJF No.17 will also be streamed live at TUM's Immathalle as part of the AJA 2021 annual exhibition
(Access with 3G-rule: Vaccinated - Recovered - Tested)