Online Lecture: Kathrin Dörfler – "Human-in-the-loop Computational Design and Fabrication"

15.09.2021, 11h

Professor Kathrin Dörfler invites you to her university-public online lecture on Wednesday, 15.09.21, 11h as part of the so-called "Assessment Centre" after the 2nd year of the tenure-track procedure. She will provide insights into her research and teaching activities at TUM to date as well as an outlook on the coming years.

Since June 2019, Kathrin Dörfler is a Tenure Track Assistant Professor at the Technical University of Munich, setting up a research group for Digital Fabrication in Architecture. At the interface between computational design and robotic fabrication, Kathrin and her group research collaborative fabrication processes, on-site robotics, and fabrication-aware design. They are particularly interested in exploring the architectural implications of mobile robotics and augmented reality for construction processes. Their goal is to strengthen the integration between architecture, robotics, and fabrication and to facilitate access to technological approaches by developing both interdisciplinary teaching methods and open-source computational design tools.

15.09.2021, 11.00h

Passcode: 045186