Montagsreihe: Nicolas Dorval Bory

07.11.2016, 19h

© Nicolas Dorval Bory

"Montagsreihe" ist eine Serie von Werkvorträgen an der Fakultät für Architektur der Technischen Universität München. Die Reihe versteht sich als bereichernder Beitrag im Münchener Architekturdiskurs zwischen Architekten, Studierenden und Architekturinteressierten.

Nicolas Dorval Bory is a young office of architecture based in Paris. The office works in a broad range of scales, from public buildings to small experimental projects. Focusing primarily on the intrinsic qualities of spaces more than their function, the office aims for a radical expression marked by simplicity and neutrality. Its work attempts to address the real in a direct and frontal way, in a rational approach considering each project as a climate where the visible and invisible matters generate strong interactions. By the radicalism of the spaces it produces, the office seeks to develop an architectural paradigm based on the apprehension of invisible properties of our environment. Nicolas Dorval-Bory (1980) graduated from the School of Architecture Paris Val de Seine in 2007. Since 2011, he teaches meteorological architecture alongside Philippe Rahm at the School of Architecture of Normandy and the School of Architecture of Versailles. In 2016, he has been awarded with the AJAP prize, from the french Ministère de la Culture, a biennial prestigious recognition for young architects.

07.11.2016, 19h

Raum 1180
TUM Hauptgebäude
Arcisstraße 21
80333 München