Feature in "archipreneur" magazine

The TUM Department of Architecture is featured in the first issue of the online magazine "archipreneur" with two contributions.

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In the article “Architects as Inventors: Building a Product from Concept to Market” Daniel Hoheneder and Lisbeth Fischbacher, both alumni of the TUM Department of Architecture, describe the intensive process that has brought their product idea from concept to market. As architecture students, Daniel and Lisbeth had an idea for a room that can be used internally and externally. To do this, they designed a one-of-a-kind facade system and have spent the last five years bringing the concept to life as founders of flissade. In an interview they share insights about the process of developing their building product from design to market stage. They also talk about the critical steps of protecting a business idea and the challenges of financing and bootstrapping a company.  

In “How Architectural Thinking and Research Collaboration Brings Value to Creative Industries” Dr. Gerhard Schubert and Christos Chantzaras explain the idea behind the Department's Architecture Research Incubator (ARI), and how it connects businesses with researchers to spark innovation in new fields. They emphasize the potentials of architectural thinking dealing with complex problems across topics in the built environment from mobility, Smart Cities, digital collaborative design platforms to adaptive façade systems, new construction methods and materials to architectural entrepreneurship for new businesses. 

Read the articles on https://archipreneur.com/the-archipreneur-magazine-issue-01/