Doctoral course: Approaching research practice in architecture


This two-day event, hosted by TU Munich and KTH Stockholm for the second time, takes as its point of departure the growing interest in practice-oriented research in the broadest sense, including expanding modes of work in well-established areas of architectural research such as architectural history and theory or urban and landscape studies. The online event is open for interested listeners.

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Conference Programme:

Wednesday 13 October 2021

«Red stream»
Hosts: Andreas Putz / Meike Schalk & Claudia Merkle

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Webinar-ID: 643 9315 1521

Password: 632733 

«Blue stream» 
Hosts: Elena Markus & Johann Klause

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Webinar-ID: 632 2087 5757

Password: 774507 

10.00-10.15 Introduction

Breakfast address

Researching Domesticity by Lilian Chee, Q&As
moderation by Meike Schalk


Representation and ways of thinking
chair: Ulrika Karlsson, KTH


Asha Sumra, Aarhus SoA – Ecologies of Residue

Chiara Frisenna, Bari Polytecnico – Re-drawing, constructed space

Melinda Bognár, Budapest Uni – Idea and representation

Tan Yi-Ern Samuel, Uni of Singapore – (Re)drawing the Anatomical Men

Zihao Wong, Uni of Singapore – Drawing the coast: Embodied cartographies

Collective, community, participation 
chair: Tanja Herdt, TU Delft


Deena Al-Dahmashawi, Uni Stuttgart – Participatory design and education

Afua Wilcox, TUD – Affordable state funded housing strategies

Yu Li – Residents’ participation and community retrofit

Maryam Khatibi, Politecnico di Milano – Communal housing

Michele Porcelluzzi, P.d. Milano – Spatial codes of collectiveness

Tabassum Ahmed, Huddersfield Uni – Commoning for change


Knowledge and media
chair: Karin Reisinger


Anne Gross, Tokyo Inst. of Technology – Invisible mechanisms

Tom Duncan, Uni of Leicester – Narrative environments

Leo Xian, ESALA – Archive, concepts and visualization

Jeremy Allan Hawkins, Uni of Glasgow – Poetry, knowledge and media

Helka Dzsacsovszki, TUM – Network heritage in Hungary

chair: Janina Gosseye, TU Delft


Nama’a Qudah, TUD – From the inside, from the ground, camp in Amman

Desiree Valadares, UC Berkley – The reparative circuits of WWII confinement camp preservation

Chero Eliassi, KTH-A – The Swedish Million Program areas

Gogulapati Sreeprada, IIT Hyderabad - Vernacular prototypes 

Marlene Wagner, TU Vienna – Autoethnography and mapping


Design research: technologies, concepts, approaches
chair: Vasily Sitnikov, ETH


Elisa Monaci, Sapienza Università di Roma - Kitsch architecture. Restful and moderate project

Israa El-Maghraby, Uni of Alexandria – Computational-based generative design exploration

Laura Lieverouw, KU Leuven – A drawn story of architectural phenomena, re-reading the design process

Maren Kohaus – Timber, weathering, designing for shifting expression

Nikoletta Karastathi, UCL – Sympoietic-Pleksis, concepts, theory, code

Gabriel Bernard Guelle, ENSA – Architectural pedagogy and practice

Applied research and morphologies: building and planning for care and against segregation
chair: Daniel Koch, KTH


Christiane Müller, TUM – Location morphology of workplaces

Ekaterina Kochetkova – Building for health in Korea

Khalafalla Omer, Uni of Salford – Khartoum Residential Settlement

LEI Wen, BTH Blekinge – Building for elderly care

Matilde Kautsky, KTH-A – Planning for more inclusive and equal cities


Conversation on doctoral studies 
moderation by Meike Schalk (KTH)
and Frank van der Hoeven (TUD)  (tbc)

with Paul Chan (TU Delft), Jonathan Hill (UCL – The Bartlett), Sophia Psarra (UCL – The Bartlett), Mattias Kärrholm (LTH, ResArc, Sweden), Yolande Schneider (TUM) and Alain Thierstein (TU Munich)



Thursday 14 October 2021


«Red stream» 
Hosts: Andreas Putz & Claudia Merkle

ZOOM Webinar link: 

Webinar-ID: 643 9315 1521

Password: 632733 

10.00-10.15 Introduction  

Breakfast address

Reflections on Counterspace by Amina Kaskar, Q&As
moderation by Andreas Putz

Resist, reclaim, contest, conceptualize, decolonize 
chair: Isabelle Doucet, CTH


Zuzana Tabačková, Lýdia Grešáková, TU Berlin – Spatial practices from the margins

Jhono Bennett, UCL – Relevance and ethics of your interventions, in South Africa

Hannah Knoop, KIT - The aporias of architecture, human rights and its representation in architecture

Khaoula Stiti, BATir + Uni of Carthage – Heritage in conflict, in Tunis 

Rogério Rezende, KU Leuven – Contested city, Brasil

Richard Müller, UCL – The para-city: conceptualizing illegal development and insurgent strategies


Experiments and histories for a broken planet
chair: Catharina Gabrielsson, KTH


Estefania Mompean Botias, EPFL – Emergency architecture

Sebastian Gatz, Konstfack, Stockholm – Architecture from a posthuman design perspective 

Hongxia Pu, Uni of Copenhagen – The emerging horizontality of Desakota urbanity

Soscha Monteiro, TUD – A history of sustainability in urban design

Kai Reaver, AHO + HEAD – AI plants 100 000 trees


Afternoon address

Methodology as Ethics by Esra Akcan, Q&As, 
moderation by Elena Markus

15.30 Information on the following doctoral course  

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