Conference "Let´s go circular!"

09.10.2019, 4-9 pm

The conference "Let´s go circular!" will take place on October 9, 2019 in collaboration with the Consulate-General of the Netherlands, the TU Delft and the TUM Department of Architecture. The event deals with opportunities for circularity in the built environment.

Did you know…
… that he German construction industries require about 550 million tons of mineral raw materials in a year?
… and that those industries produce 200 million tons of waste?
… or that this sector is responsible for 40% of the energy consumption, 35% of the CO2 emissions?
These are just some of the findings in the recent study on circular building carried out by Bayern Innovativ.

It’s time to go circular!

Join us at October 9 for an inspiring event at Vorhoelzer Forum at TU Munich and explore opportunities for circularity in the built environment. Meet architects investors, architects, government, building industry and research in an interactive setting. A detailed programm will be announced in the beginning of September.

Program outline
16.00-16.05h Short welcome by Linda Mieden-Appelboom of Consulate-General, on behalf of TUM and TU Delft
16.00-16.35h Keynote by Dr. Thomas Rau, Sabine Oberhuber (Material Matters) 
16.35-17.35h Lectures on policy, architecture and and industry-university collaboration: 

  • Wytze Kuyper, Cirkelstad: "Policy and Collaboration in the fast lane"
  • Mathias Lehner, Royal Institute of Dutch architects BNA: "The Dutch approach: The BNA Circular Manifesto and best practices"
  • Juan Azcárate-Aguerre, TU Delft: "Research Perspectives for a Circular Built Environment"

17.35-18.00h Break 
18.00-18.40h Moderated discussion engaging speakers, presenting companies and audience
18.40-19.00h Introduction of companies with poster presentation
19.00-21.00h Poster presentations | Networking | Drinks and snacks
Confirmed posters: Bayern Innovativ, BayFOR GmbH, EPEA GmbH – Part of Drees & Sommer, Material Matters, Nationaal Duurzaamheid Instituut / GSES System, Recycling Kombinatie REKO B.V., Rijkswaterstaat, Terra Institute, TUM.Wood

Moderator: Frank Kaltenbach

Please note: The conference is fully booked. Unfortunately, registrations are no longer possible. 

The conference is a collaboration of the Consulate-General of the Netherlands, the TU Delft and the TUM Department of Architecture. It is supported by the TUM.wood group, the Royal Institute of Dutch architects BNA and Bayern Innovativ.

09.10.2019, 4-9 pm

Vorhoelzer Forum at the Department of Architecture
Technical University of Munich (TUM)
Arcisstr. 21
80333 München