Caribbean WinterSchool 2019


The Caribbean WinterSchool is an international annual workshop founded in 2010 by Muenster University of Applied Sciences, Polytechnic University of Catalonia and Technological University of Habana José Antonio Echeverría in Havana, Cuba.

Cuba has a rich and stirring history which is still told by the omnipresent relics of the past such as the old crumbling colonial mansions, the colorful bars and shops with interior which evoke memories of yesterday and the legendary American cars from the mid-19th-century.

Currently Cuba is in the process of opening up to the world. This development can be seen as an economical and sociological change. This means not only a transformation of the metropolises such as Havana with its iconic buildings, the old town and the lively neighborhoods close by.

Recent occurrences revealed the ecological consequences of climate change, especially for Central America, and showed that the city has to find ways to protect itself against future tempests. The Caribbean WinterSchool is focussed on development of innovative concepts for urban design strategies for Havana in context of future changes. The workshop addresses students graduated with bachelor degree from a school of architecture.

The 3-week workshop combined with a scientific preparation phase will be rewarded with an international certificate upon completion of the program. The course is allocated with 12 Credits in accordance with the European Credit Transfer System ECTS.

If you are interested in applying for the Caribbean WinterSchool, you can send your request towards

Caribbean WinterSchool 2019 will take part from February 18 to March 10.
Applicants are advised to contact the WinterSchool until December 17, 2018.  

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