BauHow5 Talk at Montagsreihe

Experts from the BauHow5 alliance will discuss the cultural role of the university and the impact of the Corona pandemic on architectural education during the next international talk of the digital lecture series "Montagsreihe" on June 22, 2020, 7.30 pm.

Corona forced all of us to rethink architectural education. New formats have been developed. However, it also seems that this could push a cultural shift in education, with potential implications for architectural practices.

What are the opportunities that appear from such a cultural shift? Is it conceivable to shift a creative design process into a virtual realm of peer to peer networks with people sitting wherever? Does this require a formalization of a design process and does it provide the opportunity to integrate research questions into this process? What is the potential for an internationalization of our architectural faculties?

These questions will be discussed with members of the BauHow 5 Universities at the next lecture of the series Montagsreihe:  

Murray Fraser (UCL), Uli Knaack (TU Delft), Morten Lund (Chalmers), Marcel Bilow (TU Delft, Bucky Lab), Philippe Block (ETH Zurich)

Host: Thomas Auer (TUM)

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