Marie-José Van Hee (*1950, Ghent) studied architecture at the Higher Institute of Architecture Sint-Lucas in Ghent (Hoger Architectuurinstituut Sint-Lucas).
She formed her own architecture studio in Ghent in 1976. Since 1990 her office collaborates on a regular basis with Robbrecht & Daem Architecten with whom they share a new atelier in the Lieremanstraat in Ghent. At the moment her studio has 7 collaborators who are working on projects of various scales. As a teacher in architectural design, Marie-José is connected to the Architecture Department of Sint-Lucas, the Academy for Science & Art (Hogeschool voor Wetenschap en Kunst, Departement Architectuur Sint-Lucas).

In her work, Marie-José Van Hee renews the tradition of building to a timeless architecture. Thereby she devotes a particular amount of attention to space, natural materials and light.

She makes use of age-old elements such as the window, door, fireplace, staircase and gallery to anchor the house, the public building or even the city with life itself. The timelessness, which marks off her work from the crazes, makes the user or passer-by experience that architecture marks and means place for a unique spot.

Marie-José Van Hee is generally esteemed for the extraordinary quality of living that she achieves to incorporate in the buildings she designs. Not only their unpretentious nature and the self-evident way she catches the intimacy of living in stone and light, but also the reinventing of the townhouse typology as a cornerstone of the city of tomorrow, make her work unique.

Her designs for public buildings are less known. Nevertheless, one by one they also shape a humanistic vision on architecture and the city, namely the valorization of public space as a meeting space and the use of tranquil and authentic architecture to intensify the experience of light, space and human contact.

Marie-José Van Hee has participated in the 13th Biennale di Venezia on invitation of Sir David Chipperfield and has been nominated for the Mies Van der Rohe Award 2013 (Market Hall Ghent BE) and in 1999 (Momu Antwerp BE). She has won numerous awards, among others the Provincial Prize for Architecture in 1993, 2003 and 2012 as well as the Biannual Culture Prize for Architecture of the Flemish Community in 1997. Since 2008 she is a member of the Royal Academy for Sciences and Art.1


Ort: Raum 1180 - 1.OG, Hauptgebäude, Treppenhaus Süd
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