Dipl.-Ing. (Univ.) Christos Chantzaras

Curriculum Vitae



Research associate & lecturer Architectural Design Thinking & Architectural Entrepreneurship;
Output lead BowHow5-Erasmus+ Project for Strengthening Architecture and Built Environment Research (SABRE) - Architectural Entrepreneurship; Industry-Co-operations at Architecture Research Incubator
2015-2017Head Programming for an architectural practice, Berlin; Early stage consulting and development of building projects by interdisciplinary teams; focus on research, innovation spaces and offices in automotive and science
2012-2015Project Director Industry International for an architectural practice, Munich/Shenyang; focus on large scale R&D centers and production plants
2011-2012Project manager & vice managing director for the Shanghai office of an architectural practice;
focus on masterplanning, R&D centers and production plants throughout China
2007-2011Project manager and team architect in architectural practices, Munich
2000-2006Diploma in Architecture at Technical University of Munich
2000-2006Diploma in Business Administration at FernUniversität Hagen
1998-2006Pre-diploma in Business Administration at University of Mannheim


Wintersemester 2019/20

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