Lehrstuhl für Städtebau und Wohnungswesen

Studio Krucker Bates - This new studio, developed by a close collaboration of two international architects, Bruno Krucker and Stephen Bates, will be exploring themes of urbanism and housing in the European city and beyond. Both Professors will be teaching together, developing a studio environment of discussion and dialogue. They will be actively involved in the progress of design and research work of each student in the studio and will be supported by wellqualified teaching assistants.

Studio Krucker Bates will be a place of experimentation where convention and preconceived methodologies will be challenged, historical and everyday reference will be widely used and encouragement given to a way of designing spatially and without linearity.

We will consider the complex ways in which the city can engender dignity on the part of the user. We will try to anticipate the consequences of designdecisions in terms of an emotive response. We will seek a rigorous and conceptual understanding of construction. We are interested as architects and urban strategists to engage with this complexity in the making of buildings, interiors and urban spaces.

Through co-ordinated design projects Studio Krucker Bates will seek to provoke a questioning and enquiry into the ‘art of inhabitation’.