Graphic Anthropology Field School


Increasingly, anthropologists and other social scientists are regaining interest in the practice of drawing. The recent popularity boost of graphic novels and graphic journalism has shown anthropologists new means of representation and paved the way for a wider rediscovery of graphics in ethnographic investigation. If the use of sketches and drawings to transfer ethnographic knowledge takes us back to the early beginnings of the discipline, new purposes for graphics are now being invented.

Photo: Off The Beaten Track Summer School for Anthropologists

This workshop aims to explore graphic anthropology’s limits of possibility: what uses can be imagined in the field? Can a comic book replace a scientific article? In what way can drawing strengthen our observational skills? What uses exist for graphics in conversations and interviews? How can maps tell us more than mere locations?

We shy away from one-directional lectures and presentations, but focus on collective experiential learning. Through field trips, targeted exercises and debate sessions, participants share experiences and explore the possibilities of drawing throughout the ethnographic process.

The workshop aims to attract a wide range of amateurs, from the experienced artist with an interest in ethnographic research or the scholar hoping to rediscover her own inner Picasso lost so long ago, to seasoned graphic anthropologists willing to share and exchange experiences with passionate colleagues.

November 1 to November 9, 2018

Xlendi, Gozo (Malta, Europe)

Project Leaders
Maarten Loopmans - University of Leuven
Karin Schuitema - University of Leiden

Cost 1.450€

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