Dr. Marschall Prize

"Mensch-Computer Interaktion im kreativen Kontext." Dissertation von Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Schubert

The 'Werner Konrad Marschall and Dr.-Ing Horst Karl Marschall Foundation' – the 'Dr. Marschall Foundation' for short – aims to promote excellence in science and research. To this end it honors and funds talented young researchers, outstanding research projects and doctoral students at the TUM Department of Architecture.

In addition, the foundation awards the Dr. Marschall Prize once a year for an outstanding dissertation completed at the Department of Architecture. The foundation’s board of directors determines the winner of each year’s Dr. Marschall Prize, which is awarded as part of a public ceremony. The prize is endowed with 2500 Euro.



Dr.-Ing. JuanJuan Zhao
Knowledge base shapes use of space


Dr.-Ing. Philipp Molter
Technikintegration in offenen Fassadensystemen


Dr.-Ing. Dominik Jelschewski
Skulptur, Architektur und Bautechnik des Naumburger Westchors


Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Schubert
Interaktionsformen für das digitale Entwerfen


Dr. phil. Hilde Strobl 
Text-Bildrelation im Werk Wolfgang Heidesheimers


Dr.-Ing. Petra Liedl -
The interaction between climate, people and building


Dr.-Ing. Alexander Wiesneth -
Balthasar Neumann’s vaulted structures


Dr.-Ing. Philipp Dreher
Variabler Gesamtenergiedurchlassgrad von Fassaden