Vocational School Teacher Training - Building Technology B.Ed.

Ausstellungspavillon "Töpfermarkt Dießen", Philipp Dobroschke. Foto: © Studiengang Lehramt Bautechnik

The bachelor’s degree Vocational Education – Structural Engineering forms a first basis for the future activity as a teacher.

Teachers at vocational schools plan lessons and conduct teaching on the basis of theoretical knowledge as well as practical know-how. In Germany, the vocational education sector includes part-time and full-time vocational schools, specialized technical colleges, academies, institutions for supplementary vocational education and senior technical schools. One of the biggest challenges facing teachers in this field is the fact that the student body is often heterogeneous in terms of learning skills, an aspect that requires as much consideration as the students' psychosocial needs. New developments, especially in technical fields, mean that the careers that students will go on too are in a state of constant change, thus affecting both teacher training and vocational school teaching.

The bachelor’s degree course Vocational Education – Structural Engineering, which includes also a school practical course, consists of three study fields: professional specialization (focus ), the teaching subject and the social sciences. It is necessary to prepare the bachelor 's thesis within the scope of the professional specialization: These can be taken in combination with this subjects: Biology, Chemistry, German, English, Religious Education, Social Science, Sports. The academic degree entitles to the master, which qualified together with a two-year internship for the vocational school teaching.

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