What are the requirements for the degree course?

Qualification for the Bachelor degree course Architecture is shown by

  1. Proof of university entrance qualification 
  2. Passing the aptitude assessment for the B.A. Architecture course

How do I apply?

You apply online via the application portal TUMonline. After completion of the application process, you will receive a list of the documents that you have to send to TUM until the end of the application process. Please check if your high school leaving certificate is accepted: https://www.tum.de/en/studies/application-and-acceptance/bachelors-degree-programs/



In which language is the course taught? Do I need a German certificate?

The B.A. Architecture degree course is taught in German. There are certain modules that are taught in English, but you need a German certificate to study. You can find a list of accepted language certificates here: https://www.tum.de/nc/en/studies/application-and-acceptance/university-admission/language-certificates/



Can I attain my German certificate while already studying at TUM?

No. The German certificate is part of the application. The latest date to hand in the German certificate is August 15. (Deadline for the summer semester: February 15).

Can I apply even though I did no Art (or German, Math, English) at school?

Yes, you can still apply with those subjects missing. However, in this case you cannot obtain a direct admission. You will either be invited for an interview or you application will be directly denied.

Which documents do I have to send?

The necessary documents are listed in the application portal TUMonline. Documents needed for admission can be found here.



When can I apply?

The application period for the winter semester is from May 15 to July 15. The signed application has to reach the matriculation office during this time. In special circumstances, individual documents necessary for admission can be handed in until August 15. Documents necessary for matriculation can be handed in after admission. You can only apply in the summer semester if you already study for a M.A. Architecture degree at another university. The application period is November 15 to January 15. In special circumstances, individual documents necessary for admission can be handed in until February 15.

When is the latest I can accept a place in the program?

You should accept an offered place in the study program as soon as possible. Acceptance is possible until September 15 for the winter term and March 15 for the summer term. If you are only offered a place after these dates, please contact studium@tum.de to accept.studium@tum.de

Can I accept my place in the study program in a later semester?

If you are accepted, you can write a short mail to the matriculation office that you want to defer your placement. You can defer your placement for a year (it is not possible to defer for one semester because you can only start in the summer term when you are already studying in a Master’s program at another university). Please be aware that you have to apply again with your old account, with all your application documents (the exception is the portfolio, which you do not have to hand in again). The decision from your fist application will still be valid, so that you would be admitted without another aptitude assessment.

Can I also apply to start studying in the summer semester?

You can only apply for the summer semester when you’re already studying in a B.A. Architecture program at another university. You will start in the second full study semester.

How does the Department of Architecture choose students for the B.A. Architecture?

The Department conducts an aptitude assessment. This is a two-step-process, in which the Department tests if you fulfil the specific requirements for the B.A. Architecture degree course. During the first phase the final grade of your high school leaving certificate (55%), your weighted grades (25%) in English(1x), German (1x), Maths (2x) and Art (3x) and your portfolio (20%) will be assessed via a point system.

According to the score, you will either be admitted directly, invited to a personal interview or your application will be denied.

In phase one of the process, you can reach up to 100 points. If you receive up to 55 points, your application will be denied. If you receive between 56 and 75 points, you will be invited to a personal interview. If you receive 76 or more points, you will be directly admitted.

In the second phase of the aptitude assessment, the points gained for the high school leaving certificate and the points gained in the interview are added and divided by two. You are admitted if you receive 70 points or more.

How is the personal interview conducted?

We will contact you by mail one week before your interview date at the latest. Please confirm this date as soon as possible. The date is mandatory and can only be changed in exceptional circumstances. Please also check the spam folder of your e-mail address regularly.

You will be interviewed by two members of the aptitude assessment commission. The interview lasts ca. 20 to 30 minutes.

Assessment criteria for the interview are:

Exceptional motivation for the M.A. Architecture degree course Explanations of your works up to now (mainly works included in your portfolio, you can bring further designs) Understanding of architectural questions and problems Personal impression of suitability – can the candidate answer adequately and argue cogently? Can she give good examples? Each criteria is given up to 10 points.

  • Basic spatial and technical understanding (max. 30 points) 
  • drawing and presentation abilities (according to the works handed in, among others) (max. 40 pints) 
  • the ability to find a synthesis of spatial and design aspects of a problem, and to find arguments and examples in order to answer the interview questions (max. 30 points)

Can the personal interview be conducted by phone or videochat (Skype, etc.)?

No, the interview has to be conducted in person at the TU München.

When do the interviews take place?

Interviews take place in August and September (begin of studies in the winter semester) or in February and March (begin of studies in the summer semester). Interview dates for the winter semester 2018/19 will take place between July 24.-26., August 8 and August 24  and 4.-6. / 12.-14. / 17.+18. September 2018.

How often can I apply?

You can only apply twice for the B.A. Architecture degree course. If you cancel your application, it does not count towards your two attempts. You can cancel your application by mail (studium@tum.de).

How should I design my portfolio?

Your portfolio can contain up to ten pages (DIN A4). Please only hand in good copies (no originals). You can also upload a digital portfolio (PDF file, no larger than 20 MB). In this case, please bring a printout to the assessment interview.

The works you include should show different techniques and motives. Spatial awareness, artistic talent, a feeling for proportions and your interest in Architecture should become clear when looking at the portfolio.

Are there tuition fees? How much are they?

At the moment, there are no tuition fees in Bavaria. However, students have to pay for the student union and the semester ticket. This fee is due every six months. You can find the amount you have to pay here.