Architecture B.A. - Application

Applicants should submit the following documents along with their application:

  • Curriculum vitae in tabular form. 
  • Proof of university entrance qualification 
  • A portfolio containing examples of the student’s own work (max. 10 pages, DIN A4). The portfolio can also be handed in digitally. In this case, upload a PDF file no larger than 20 MB in the application platform. You can bring a printout of the portfolio to the assessment interview. 
  • A letter of motivation describing the reasons for wishing to be admitted to the architecture course at the TUM (with the integral year spent studying abroad). This statement should be 1-2 pages long and explain why the applicant’s specific abilities, interests and career goals make them a good candidate for the study program and why they would like to study at the TUM. Additional relevant information such as personal background history or extra-curricular activities may also be included. 
  • Where relevant, proof of a related professional or vocational education or other vocational activities. 
  • A signed assurance that the letter of motivation and the portfolio were created without assistance, that the reasons for choosing this study program are the applicant’s own, and that any thoughts or ideas stemming from other sources have been identified as such. 
  • Where relevant, documentation of additional activities that would qualify the applicant to take the course of studies (for example participation in a research competition, subject-related education or a voluntary internship). 
  • Applicants from abroad should provide proof of adequate proficiency in the German language. Please see: Information about German language skills
  • Missing documents can be provided until August 15.
  • You download our guideline for the aptitude assessment here.

The application will be assessed by a committee on the basis of the documents submitted. Applicants may be asked to attend an aptitude assessment interview.