Montagsreihe: Francesca Torzo


18.12.2017, 19h

Bildquelle: Montagsreihe

MONTAGSREIHE is a lecture series at the Department of Architecture at TU München. The series contributes to a public discussion about architecture between professionals, students and friends of architecture.

Francesca Torzo is an Italian-born architect who studied architecture in Delft, Barcelona, Mendrisio and Venice (IUAV). She worked for international renowned architecture studios like Peter Zumthor, Haldenstein and Bosshard Vaquer. In 2008 she started her own studio in Genoa which has won competitions for contemporary art galleries, educational buildings, residential projects, archaeological sites. Her work is characterized by a focus on the research of innovative construction systems and on the site specificity of the interventions.

18.12.2017, 19h

TU München
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Arcisstr. 21
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