Collection at the Architecture Museum of TU München

The Department of Architecture of the Polytechnic School – and subsequently the Technische Hochschule – was the proud owner of a collection of drawings, models and photographs, as was customary for all architectural colleges at the time. This collection of templates was used in teaching the students, who learned predominantly by copying from historic buildings. When, with the birth of modern architecture, the emphasis shifted from a stylistically oriented training to construction and functional design, the collection of teaching material was gradually converted into what are now the archives – an academic research institution for architects, historians and conservationists. The amassed works form the historic 'memory' of the Department of Architecture with documents spanning the 17th century to the present day. The inventory is continually expanding thanks to the legacies of important architects that are bequeathed to the Collection. Now Germany's largest architectural archive for special tomes and reference books, there are somewhere in the region of 500,000 drawings and plans by almost 700 architects, more than 100,000 original photographs and a plethora of models and records; the collection includes works by reputed architects ranging from Balthasar Neumann to Le Corbusier, Leo von Klenze to Peter Zumthor.

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