Architecture Museum of Swabia

Exhibition room 1 (Photo: Sigrun Lenk)


The Architecture Museum of Schwabia, which opened its doors in 1995, is a branch of the Architecture Museum belonging to Technische Universität München. The museum's running costs are financed by the Arno Buchegger Foundation in Augsburg.

Arno Buchegger, the architect, who died in 1992, set up the Foundation during his lifetime. The mainstay of the Trust's wealth consists of houses in the Thelott district, a garden city area of Augsburg, which Sebastian Buchegger, the founder's father, built from 1905 onwards. The museum is housed in what was formerly the home of the builder and architect Sebastian Buchegger. Following some conservation measures, the house was refurbished and converted to accommodate exhibition galleries, the library, reading rooms and an archive.

The declared aim of the new museum is to trace and document the architectural history of Swabia and to make architecture accessible to the public at large. The museum is committed to playing the part of the vital centre of Swabian architecture, while looking beyond the borders of Swabia. Its status as a university research institution guarantees the required independence.