Graduate Center Architecture

 The Graduate Center Architecture is run by the Department of Architecture. It is simultaneously part of the TUM Graduate School. The TUM Graduate School (TUM-GS) is the all-encompassing organizational body for doctoral research at the Technische Universität München. All doctoral candidates are automatically members of the TUM Graduate School. The TUM Graduate School was founded as a central academic institution in response to the TU Munich’s goal to make research-driven graduate training a key priority. The TUM Graduate School offers an attractive program of further education training opportunities for all doctoral candidates at the TU Munich. In addition, the Graduate Center provides organizational and financial support for individual doctoral dissertations through the program offered by the TUM Graduate School.


Together with your supervisor you identify an appropriate Graduate Center at TUM. If you like to become member of the Graduate Center Architecture, sign this supervision agreement with your supervisor and your mentor. Finally hand this agreement in at the dean`s office combined with your application.

Training Program

The Department of Architecture does not have a single disciplinary orientation. The doctoral candidates can be artists, architects, designers, economists, social scientists and humanities scholars as well as engineers from various disciplines.

The supervising chairs and professorships agrees to organize subject-specific colloquia (feedback sessions). Each doctoral candidate is guaranteed the ability to take part in an appropriate colloquium totaling at least 6 semester credit hours, which can be distributed across the entire doctorate phase.

Doctoral candidates are expected to participate in the department-wide methodological colloquia (AR/BGU).

Feedback Session with Supervisor

At least 4 semesters after entering the TUM-GS there needs to be a feedback session on the research project. This is based on:

  1.  a university-public presentation at a seminar, which can be substituted with a presentation at an academic conference,
  2. a written interim report by the doctoral candidate on the progress of the research work that can be replaced by a scientific paper submitted for publication, as long as it reflects the results of exhaustively,
  3. an updated supervision agreement and
  4. a consultation with the mentor.

In the feedback session, the supervisor and the doctoral candidate shall discuss the progress of the doctoral project and how to proceed. Subsequently, the documents of the feedback session and the updated agreement must be uploaded to DocGS for approval. non-binding template for the feedback discussion for download.

Non-binding template for the feedback session

Financial Support 2017

Self-organized Symposia / Conferences / Invitation of Guest Critics etc.:

  • Target group: Members of the Graduate Center Architecture  
  • Aims: Organizing and conducting conferences, networking between doctoral students, invitation of guest critics in support of subject-specific qualification
  • Application: Informally with details concerning the applicant, brief project description, project costs, requested funding.
    Applications may be submitted at any time to
  • Funds available in 2017: 10.000 Euro (for inviting guests, catering etc.) 

Individual Grants:

  • Target group: Members of the Graduate Center Architecture
  • Aim:
    • Training and networking activities not covered by Graduate School;
    • Support of publications (Journal articles; basic costs for publishing in TUM University Press; author fees – NO translation, printing or publishing costs for submitting final doctoral dissertation)
    • Conference fees (excluding travel costs!) for active participation at conferences (submission and presentation of paper at conference)
    • For TUM employees and stipend holders only: travel costs that are not covered by Graduate School (eg. Conferences in Germany)
  • Application: Informally with details concerning the applicant, short justification for the request, requested funding.
    Applications may be submitted at any time to
  • Funds available in 2017: 6.500 Euro

 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

TUM-GS Internationalization Grant

  • Target group: excellent doctoral students, who are not employed at TUM, nor have they received a traditional scholarship
  • One-off financial support max. 1.600 Euro (according to BayRKG) for:
    • A stay for research purposes at a scientific, academic or research institution or within an industrial firm that conducts research in another country
    • Presentation of the candidate’s own scientific, scholarly or research findings at international conferences, symposia etc. in another country
    • Attending international subject-specific summer/winter schools, workshops, etc. 

  • Eligibility:
    • Feedback session (Statutory regulations TUM Graduate School §15 (7))
    • Member of the Graduate Center Architecture
    • No refund for travel that occured in the past Feedbackgespräch (siehe Statut TUM GS §15 Abs. 7)
  • Application (sent to
    • Application form
    • Cover letter inlcuding the following:
      Type and relevance of travel for doctoral studies
      Expected results (i.e. publication, conference contribution, joint research proposal with international partner, learning of new methods, Development of data and research results etc.)
      Duration and cost estimates of travel
      Acceptance of the paper or conference acceptance; Invitation letter of the host institution 
    • Short CV with final grade of master’s degree as well as list of publications  
    • Support letter of supervisor 
  • Yearly application deadlines: 15.03.; 15.06.; 15.09.; 15.12. 

The Graduate Center Architecture will then compile a ranking of the applicants per quarter and pass this on to TUM Graduate School.
The final decision to award the grant is made by the TUM-GS Executive Board and the Graduate Dean.
Please note that this grant is awarded on a competitive basis and roughly only 2 grants per year can be awarded.

Proofreading Service

In order to help with the publication process, the TUM Graduate School offers all doctoral candidates professional, discipline-related proofreading of academic articles in English. This proofreading service is free for TUM-GS members. Further information

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