The Architecture Research Incubator is a central facility at the Department of ARCHITECTURE for coordinating INTERDISCIPLINARY research and development competencies in the design, engineering, urban developement and IT sectors. It strengthens existing RESEARCH activities, opens up new fields of research and acquires projects. It organizes development partnerships with BUSINESSES and institutions in the municipal region of Munich. The participating research groups work from a co-working space that adjoins the prototyping workshops at the Technical Center. The facility promotes students with a strong research focus and aims to STRENGTHEN the culture of project DEVELOPEMENT, cooperation, entrepreneurship and funding application at the Department of Architecture.




"... we will unveil the Urban Micro Climate Canopy in the Deutsches Museum. You are all very welcome to join."

Location: Hauptwache, Frankfurt am Main


2 July - 13 July 2018, TU Delft

"Housing is of key importance for societies. It drives the economy and is a key issue for sustainable urban and regional development in growing as well as declining areas. This course focuses on sustainable housing development ... ."

Dr. Queena Qian, Architecture and the Built Environment, TU Delft


12 - 13 July 2018, Stuttgart

A team of master students of the department of architecture is joining the workhackathon in Stuttgart’s Arena 2036: Together with teams from University of Stuttgart, Daimler, BMW, Festo, Fraunhofer Institut and SWR they challenge how innovation will happen in 2028.